International Marketing

About us

DNtrade is an experienced company with unique knowledge in international trade and marketing.
DNtrade’s well established international ties have been the key to both the company’s success and to its customer’s success.

The company’s customers benefit from the distinct advantage of a vast search performed by local companies in the country of the manufacturer’s origin, as well as direct contact with the manufacturers themselves.

This advantage provides the ability to compare prices amongst a large number of manufacturers in different regions of the world, including: Turkey, Germany, Italy, India, China, USA and Israel.

Our company today serves large customer bases that purchase various products and raw material, including carton and paper packaging products, plastic products, electronic products, industrial cables, industrial marble, textile,
etc. International import, export and trade enable the company
to function significantly more efficiently and reduce the costs of
purchasing products and raw materials on the one hand, and
to leverage export sales on the other hand.

DNtrade guarantees reliability by accompanying with
diligent care the customer from the onset to the
successful completion of the business cycle.
About us